My First WordPress Blog

Having only blogged so far for the Obama campaign I am now establishing this blog for my random thoughts and opinions.

First, while I love Obama, I don’t agree with the Afghan initiative.

Mark Kurlansky wrote a small but powerful book on the subject of non-violent resistance. He shows how much more has been achieved by this method than the usual war paradigm. It should be mandatory reading for everyone.
At one time in this country we had a “Secretary of War” as was the custom. In the mid-twentieth century this position was renamed, “Secretary of Defense”. I would like to propose that we change it again to: “Secretary of Peace”. Corny old hippie idea or paradigm shift? You decide. But I for one am tired of constantly being at war. Its time for a change.

Second, as a person who has worked in healthcare for all of his life I have been witness to the problems of our system and to the plight of the increasing numbers of uninsured. And while I don’t think that we are likely to get anything close to ideal this time around I think it is of paramount importance that we pass a bill making at least some effort.

More to come in later blogs. I thank you for reading.


About perkustooth

I am a registered nurse, writer, photographer and composer living in Alameda. I am originally a midwesterner and was born and raised in Chicago.
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