Reality TV Provides Immunity from Prosecution

Or so it would appear.  The couple which famously “crashed” the party at the White House was/is supposedly involved in trying to be a part of some reality TV program.  And now there is another identified crasher though I haven’t yet heard of any reality TV plans.

The infamous “balloon boy” hoax was allegedly perpetrated to help get the family on some reality TV show.

The “balloon boy” hoax was prosecuted, finally.  But there appears to be significant delay in dealing with the White House gate crashers.  And in these days of terrorism one would think that access to the president of the United States should be very seriously controlled and those who do so illegally (regardless of errors made by the secret service) should be jailed and prosecuted.

So the question I propose is, “Does reality TV protect people from prosecution?”  Not, apparently, in the case of the “balloon boy” family.  But the fact that reality TV is reported as a salient issue and the fact that the publicity seeking folks who got around secret service and into the White House have yet to be jailed or charged makes me wonder.

And I have to also wonder if things would be different if they were not affluent white people.  Perhaps if they were Pakistani, Syrian or Iranian they would already be in “Gitmo” or extraordinarily rendered for proxy torture and punishment to their purported countries of origin.

So what is next?  If you are middle or upper class and white, involved or trying to be involved in the overwrought industry of reality TV perhaps you could rob a bank or something?  Maybe Bernie Madoff’s defense team needs to look into claiming that he wanted to be on reality TV (not that he isn’t  in a very real sense) and use this to secure his freedom.

After all its just entertainment, right?

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I am a registered nurse, writer, photographer and composer living in Alameda. I am originally a midwesterner and was born and raised in Chicago.
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One Response to Reality TV Provides Immunity from Prosecution

  1. Uhave2laff says:

    You raise some legitimate questions, specifically the one which asks if the crashers woul have been treated differently if they were of another race or culture. I don’t know the answer to that question but I certainly believe it’s a possibility.

    Of other concern is the lengths people will go to for the supposed rewards of fame. This supports my own theory that all of us are living in the age of instant gratification – whether we grew up in that generation or not. People today are finding it easier and easier to look for the immediate, short-term solutions with little consideration of the long-term consequences. Balloon Boy’s parents are dealing with their consequences right now – but what of the children and the life-long impact this event leaves on them? Did the parents think about that? Were they certain nothing would go wrong? Did they think the rewards would outweigh potential problems? We may never know but its unconscionable to me that this was even an option the parent’s considered.

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