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If I Were A Racist Middle Class White Guy

By now most people have heard about the tech guy blogging under the rubric of “If I Were a Poor Black Child” where he advises them to get a cheap computer and other such sage advice. NPR speculates that this … Continue reading

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Kill the Poor and Get the Blacks Out of the White House

Getting ready to watch the Republican debate.  And I haven’t gotten any comments and perhaps no readership here so  I decided to use a nice provocative title.  People love provocative titles, they like things that surprise, shock and amaze them. … Continue reading

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Things We Don’t Want to Know.

The LA times today had an article about an Orange County “hockey mom” who has confessed to having had sex with several boys on the team.  One of the responses to the article stated, “Where was she when I was … Continue reading

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New Roles for Unemployed Children

As I sit and listen to the coverage of the nauseating rise of Newt Gingrich in the polls I continue to hear variations on his child labor trope.  Of course I find this repulsive and just plain stupid (not to … Continue reading

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Filling the Illegal Immigrant Employee Void

Thinking people know that illegal immigrants are taking very few if any jobs that would be taken by American workers.  Who wants to work at very physical labor intensive jobs in the hot sun which have no benefits, crummy housing, … Continue reading

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God Bless the GOP.

I have cancelled my premium cable channels.  I was kinda getting into Kelsey Grammer’s, ‘Boss’ and I was at least mildy entertained by ‘Bored to Death’.  But with Breaking Bad having ended its fourth season I have so little good … Continue reading

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