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Men Will Be Men

In the course of the oh so drawn out coverage of General Petraeus’ affair with his biographer various commentators recently have used the phrase “men will be men” and spoke of the difficulty men have when they don’t have access … Continue reading

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No More Compromise, Demand Respect!

It’s not even 48 hours after the election has been called for Barack Obama and, just like in 2008, there are death threats by whiney rich kids on the internet and “we’re gonna block you unless you do it our … Continue reading

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Occupy the White House?

Now that the election is finally over I thought I would see the end of the (seemingly endless) election e-mails mostly begging for money or at least sensationalizing the latest squeak from the “other” party. But, lo and behold, now … Continue reading

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My First Small Town Election Experience

I have written in this blog about my frustrations and criticisms of our political system especially around the oppressive information overload that forms the the surreal circus of the presidential elections. But living in Alameda I realized that I will … Continue reading

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Election 2012, The “Spiritual” Evidence

Elections in this country have been increasingly dominated by right-wing religious rhetoric. At least once a week we hear of some preacher proclaiming that one or another event in the natural world is God’s punishment for…take you pick: marriage equality, … Continue reading

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