Election 2012, The “Spiritual” Evidence

Elections in this country have been increasingly dominated by right-wing religious rhetoric. At least once a week we hear of some preacher proclaiming that one or another event in the natural world is God’s punishment for…take you pick: marriage equality, homosexuality, etc. These preachers connect present day events to Old Testament vengeance stories. Never mind that Christianity is ostensibly base on the far more humane New Testament. And despite Judaism’s being based on these same Old Testament scriptures I don’t hear a lot of Rabbis making similar statements. Perhaps they have a deeper understanding of these scriptures or perhaps they just realize that such hell fire is just silly.

Progressives shun religious rhetoric because it is religious. And they wish to speak of politics in this supposedly secular nation. A far more rational and defensible procedure.

But I have noticed a curious pattern with Barack Obama which is just begging to have divine intervention ascribed to it. Think about it. In the 2004 United States Senate campaign Barack Obama ran against conservative Republican Jack Ryan who wound up withdrawing from the race after his divorce records were unsealed revealing his anything but conservative sex practices which led to his divorce. Ryan’s replacement, the dull last-minute replacement Alan Keyes, proved little competition resulting in Obama winning in a landslide election result.

Then in 2008 the financial collapse occurred in September while the Republicans were still in office and had been in control for the prior 8 years. This along with some incredibly bad judgments and campaign strategies (remember pig lipstick Sarah Palin?) and a great deal of initial resistance from the democrats including black leaders such as civil rights champion John Lewis, Jesse Jackson and media pundits such as Tavis Smiley (who preferred to support Hilary Clinton) helped him win the 2008 presidential election becoming the first black man to achieve this.

Now in 2012, running against “business man” (read vulture capitalist) Mitt Romney, Hurricane Sandy intervenes in late October forcing both candidates to suspend their campaigns and allowing Mr. Obama to do what he does best, be presidential. He was able to demonstrate how non-partisan cooperation can actually work through his facilitation of disaster relief earning him accolades from former Mitt Romney supporter Chris Christie. And his polling numbers have fallen increasingly in his favor despite his support of such alleged sinful practices of marriage equality, repealing the ridiculous “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for the military, healthcare reform, etc.

Now there are far left-wing conspiracy theorists actually trying to suggest that the Obama administration utilized some high-tech ability to cause the hurricane. But this makes little more sense than the hell fire preachings of the religious right.

So we have here a track record of three elections, Illinois State Senate in 2004, President in 2008 and now re-election for a second term as president in which late occurring events helped tip the polls in favor of Mr. Obama. Were this to occur in favor of a preferred Tea Party candidate you can bet that it would be attributed to divine intervention.

Now progressives have refused to embrace such theocratic leanings implicit in the right-wing’s divine intervention assertions. And this is as it should be. We are supposed to elect the president in a one person, one vote method (mediated of course by the retro Electoral College) based on individual preferences. And despite an unprecedented amount of financial support (now legally covert due to conveniently recently passed new campaign finance laws) from the Republican base, the corporations.

Even right-wing Baptist preachers in the south showed a willingness to support Mitt Romney despite their former protest that Mormonism is antithetical to the Christian mission. So many people bent on their stated sole mission for the last four years (to get Barack Obama out of office) willfully attempted to block Mr. Obama’s every effort, failed to support job growth, healthcare reform, tax revenue solutions, etc. And still they have now apparently failed in that mission.

At this point I would be extremely surprised if Barack Obama loses. But I don’t think that will happen. And there is another thing which I don’t think will happen. I don’t think that, despite the preponderance of “spiritual evidence”, anyone will acknowledge that there is at least an appearance of fate and destiny in the re-election of Barack Obama.

About perkustooth

I am a registered nurse, writer, photographer and composer living in Alameda. I am originally a midwesterner and was born and raised in Chicago.
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