How Many Does It Take?

How many people would it take to shut down a major American city for a day or two? Well, apparently two.

The Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent manhunt has bathed us all in a media-fueled thrall for some four days now and shut down the greater Boston area for two days. And it was accomplished by two naturalized American citizens acting pretty much alone apparently.

This raises an obvious question: Can this happen again? Of course it can. By posturing properly and pushing the right buttons and adding a little stealth it is very likely that this could easily happen again.

Why someone would want this to happen does not matter. Rationality does not help here. For that matter neither does personal right to own a gun. The second amendment in all its glory does nothing to help. Homeland security is also of questionable value. The Boston bombers were American citizens and were captured largely due to cooperation between ordinary citizens and local police. Granted the photos distributed by the media were crucial but the confusion injected by the ratings hungry misreporting and/or sensationalizing of the situation clouded the issue and created unnecessary anxiety.

If you think about it this was a sort of ‘Our Town’-ish grassroots type success. There was not much time for or focus on politics. Even the high profile officials handling this gave practically no nod to their political affiliations. Even the White House played a largely supportive role. Of course gun control efforts were shut down during the fracas by our dysfunctional legislators but that is no surprise.

I hope that this sort of thing does not happen again but I would love to see such successful attention-grabbing put to the service of progressive social agendas. About that I could write a nice little blog commentary.

About perkustooth

I am a registered nurse, writer, photographer and composer living in Alameda. I am originally a midwesterner and was born and raised in Chicago.
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One Response to How Many Does It Take?

  1. Winddance says:

    Very thoughtful and well written analysis.

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