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Apocalypse Tomorrow

Well here we are, finally. The preponderance of scholarly evidence suggests that December 21, 2012 is the date at which the Mayan calendar ends. So, as usual, there are a number of apocalypse-loving folks who have found it another in … Continue reading

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Violence is Normal

It is virtually impossible to avoid violence these days. I can’t turn on the television, the radio or browse internet social media or, for that matter, read my e-mail without encountering violence. It occurs at varying distances from me. Occasionally, … Continue reading

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Election 2012, The “Spiritual” Evidence

Elections in this country have been increasingly dominated by right-wing religious rhetoric. At least once a week we hear of some preacher proclaiming that one or another event in the natural world is God’s punishment for…take you pick: marriage equality, … Continue reading

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Take It Up the Ladder, Coach

The provocative picture and suggestive title of this blog post are fully intentional. Jerry Sandusky and the various issues about his crimes are very much in the news. But the saturation of the media with mindless election blurbs and endless … Continue reading

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Big Bird and Binders

So I have watched all the debates and followed the news as I usually do. Tuesday’s debate really caught my fancy so I got my debate snacks together, set my iPad on Facebook and turned on the television. I know … Continue reading

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My God is Stronger than Your God

The tragic deaths of Chris Stevens, the Ambassador to Libya and two of his staff and the parallel attack on the American Embassy in Egypt were attributed to radical Islamists who were retaliating against an American filmmaker who made a … Continue reading

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Deceptive Facts, an Effort to Comfort by Distraction?

This morning I drove home listening to the latest report of “some maniac with a gun”, the third such event this month.  Memories of the “Batman Shooting” in Colorado and the attack at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin are already … Continue reading

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