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Oh, No! Not Another Pope

For the first time in almost 600 years a sitting Pope has resigned. The last was Pope Gregory XII in 1415. And unending speculations and analyses have come forth over that. Some claim he this move weakens the church, some … Continue reading

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Men Will Be Men

In the course of the oh so drawn out coverage of General Petraeus’ affair with his biographer various commentators recently have used the phrase “men will be men” and spoke of the difficulty men have when they don’t have access … Continue reading

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Take It Up the Ladder, Coach

The provocative picture and suggestive title of this blog post are fully intentional. Jerry Sandusky and the various issues about his crimes are very much in the news. But the saturation of the media with mindless election blurbs and endless … Continue reading

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Kill the Poor and Get the Blacks Out of the White House

Getting ready to watch the Republican debate.  And I haven’t gotten any comments and perhaps no readership here so  I decided to use a nice provocative title.  People love provocative titles, they like things that surprise, shock and amaze them. … Continue reading

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Things We Don’t Want to Know.

The LA times today had an article about an Orange County “hockey mom” who has confessed to having had sex with several boys on the team.  One of the responses to the article stated, “Where was she when I was … Continue reading

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