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A Poker Game Where No One Has a Strong Hand, the Naked Congressman (or Congresswoman)

Question: What looks most like a dog in a hole? Answer: A dog out of a hole. Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read. – Groucho Marx What … Continue reading

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No More Compromise, Demand Respect!

It’s not even 48 hours after the election has been called for Barack Obama and, just like in 2008, there are death threats by whiney rich kids on the internet and “we’re gonna block you unless you do it our … Continue reading

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Occupy the White House?

Now that the election is finally over I thought I would see the end of the (seemingly endless) election e-mails mostly begging for money or at least sensationalizing the latest squeak from the “other” party. But, lo and behold, now … Continue reading

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Contempt Vs Blackness

The recent Romney video distributed by Mother Jones magazine shows the Republican presidential candidate expressing contempt for about half of his constituency.  He goes on to say that “these people” will continue to vote for Obama because they expect entitlements … Continue reading

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My God is Stronger than Your God

The tragic deaths of Chris Stevens, the Ambassador to Libya and two of his staff and the parallel attack on the American Embassy in Egypt were attributed to radical Islamists who were retaliating against an American filmmaker who made a … Continue reading

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Pressure Valves

I am not an engineer but I have had enough experience with things like household water heaters to understand the concept that the pressure relief valve in these appliances are the weakest point in the system. That is they give … Continue reading

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New Roles for Unemployed Children

As I sit and listen to the coverage of the nauseating rise of Newt Gingrich in the polls I continue to hear variations on his child labor trope.  Of course I find this repulsive and just plain stupid (not to … Continue reading

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