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How to Not Solve Gun Violence

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves.” – William Pitt the Younger, 1783 Let me be clear. I am in favor of sensible gun control, background … Continue reading

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Fixing Gun Violence

President Obama has signed some twenty-three executive orders about gun regulation. Of course the heavily racist “fears” about him and his administration were running on high shortly after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Just like when you were … Continue reading

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Cliff Equality

> The term “fiscal cliff” is wearing away at my last nerve. This buzzword is supposed to mean something scary I guess. But who is it that needs to be afraid of the cliff. Not Congress. Not the president. So … Continue reading

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My First Small Town Election Experience

I have written in this blog about my frustrations and criticisms of our political system especially around the oppressive information overload that forms the the surreal circus of the presidential elections. But living in Alameda I realized that I will … Continue reading

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Why I am skeptical even with Slick Willy behind us.

Having seen and heard the first two nights of the Democratic Convention I plan on attending a watch party tonight for the third and final night. And I must admit that my attention was seriously grabbed in particular by the … Continue reading

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