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Oh, No! Not Another Pope

For the first time in almost 600 years a sitting Pope has resigned. The last was Pope Gregory XII in 1415. And unending speculations and analyses have come forth over that. Some claim he this move weakens the church, some … Continue reading

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Election 2012, The “Spiritual” Evidence

Elections in this country have been increasingly dominated by right-wing religious rhetoric. At least once a week we hear of some preacher proclaiming that one or another event in the natural world is God’s punishment for…take you pick: marriage equality, … Continue reading

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Seemingly Random Events

The suspension of Rick Santorum’s campaign for the Republican nomination apparently in light of the recent exacerbation of his daughter’s sad medical condition raises a question for me. I question why such seemingly random events are selectively chosen by preachers … Continue reading

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Where are the Churches?

In this time of recognition and reaction to economic and social inequalities many have mobilized in creative ways. There have been demonstrations, boycotts, strikes, teach-ins, etc. And I have seen and felt the presence of the spiritual community. Interfaith gatherings … Continue reading

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